IHTD is now the “Humanize Not Militarize” National Youth Film Festival!

Thanks to all of the young filmmakers who participated in the “If I Had A Trillion” festival over the past five years. We invite you to check out American Friends Service Committee’s new project, the “Humanize Not Militarize” festival and submit your videos now!

Ferguson. Gaza. Along the border between the U.S. and Mexico.  In communities around the world, we see how militarism and policing  affects everyday life. What do we need to Humanize not Militarize society?

 Tell us what you think:

  • • What do you really need in your school, community, country, or world to thrive?

• How does militarism keep people from meeting these needs?

• How does militarism force people to migrate from one neighborhood to another? From one country to another?

• How can we change that reality?

Make a video as a response to these questions.

Possible topics might include: your experience with militarism in your community; someone who has survived war and is trying to heal; a historical figure or campaign to oppose militarism; local efforts to demilitarize the police, or anything else that is relevant to the topic.

All forms accepted:  documentary, drama, creative response, interviews, PSA, etc.

Visit our website for more info at www.afsc.org/allofus.


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